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A fantastic restaurant to let your soul find peace

We are so pleased to hear that our customer finds Yen Sushi Premium as soul soothing as we do. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the traditional Japanese style house at Yen Sushi Premium. Although it may be quiet and serene, it does indeed make for a rejuvenating break from hectic city life. The Japanese-style spaces in YEN Sushi Premium exude a sense of graceful refinement, which makes you feel cozy and private.

It will leave you feeling as if you have stepped back in time. Whenever you need truly relaxation just come to Yen Sushi Premium to enjoy traditional dishes on tatami mats watching the peaceful garden around the Koi’s lake.

Omotenashi means the Japanese way of treating a guest. It defines the spirit of Japanese hospitality. At Yen Sushi Premium, it's blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect. We would like to offer you the best service by paying meticulous attention to detail without the expectation of a reward.

Omotenashi spirit will amaze you! It would be an extraordinary experience you have ever had with Japanese "Omotenashi" hospitality so far.

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